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Chengchen Li, '11

Chengchen Li, '11 stops by campus

Chengchen Li, '11 and his lovely new wife, Michelle Ding, stopped by to visit St. Thomas More School Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. Chengchen spent two and a half years at STM and remarked how he still felt right at home here. In addition to being married, he is a analyst at CIC International (Hong Kong) Co. Limited. We were all so happy to see you Chengchen.

Geoff Medcalf, '98

Facebook post from Geoff

To officially put it out there, I finally finished my associate degree in Accounting. I got it from Durham Tech, and although I could extend to getting a bachelor degree, for the time-being after the gaps of time and, figuratively, the pushing and shoving, to come through with if, I am moving forward to making my future after having built it😉There is a Treasury position in the American Tobacco Campus kind of in the middle of downtown Durham I am considering. It's been a while.. but I clearly have never forgotten how I got to where I am today🕺 Congratulations Geof!

Dennis Faulk, '69

Facebook post from Dennis

I rent houses at Bucknell, I can tell these kids never went to prep school and everyone waited on them in high school. Thank you St. Thomas More for the discipline and self respect I learned in prep school. When I rented on college, my house was always clean. We respected the property we leased. These kids are clueless sometimes for being allegedly smart.

Robert Tango Became a Grandfather

Facebook post from Robert

Here he is .......... Wes Peter Dakel. 7lbs 14oz. 
22" long. Born 12/3/2016 @ 10:55am

Jennifer is doing AMAZING and Justin is beside himself. They are beyond excited that he is now here

Image may contain: people sleeping, baby and one or more people
Image may contain: people sleeping and one or more people

Pete Tanzilli, '96

Facebook post from Pete

The first picture was probably from 1996, I graduated that year. My STM varsity LAX team. The second picture is my new crew, I've been serving as a civilian police officer for more than 15 years. However I was shot in the line of duty earlier this year and have still not returned to work, and will probably be medically retired in the near future. I miss the good old days at STM. --Pete Tanzilli '96

John Henry Davis, '00 

Email Update from John Henry

I wanted to pass along that I was a graduate of the 2000 PG class.  My name is John Henry Davis and I got married in August 2016 to my wife Alexandra.  

Edward Jin, '11

Facebook post from Edward

Edward Jin

I am honorably discharged from Republic of Korea Army today. 
This was definitely one of the most memorable journeys I have had. Thank you Lord. 
Thank you all who has supported me and helped me through this time.

I will miss my brothers in 91st Mechanized Battalion.

I dedicate my 21 months to my brothers and people who supported me.

See you soon.

21개월 동안 도와주었던 주님. 감사해요.

그리고 가족들, 태그하기에도 너무 많은 내 사람들. 고마워요.

여러분들 없이는 지금의 저는 없었을 거에요. 21개월 여러분들께 바칩니다.


Brendan Collins, '11
Facebook post from Brendan

Hello to my fellow Chancellors,

Hope this post finds you well. Wanted to share an update and cool story with you all. I've recently moved to Portland Oregon where I have been working for the Timbers, the local MLS franchise. I am a Sales rep and reach out to people who've made it to a match recently.

I came across an account that had a Connecticut address and decided to give it a call anyway given how many people have been relocating to the city lately. Turned out to be Asa Christiana who is married to one of the Autencios and now lives in Portland as well! Such a small world we live in, proud to be a Chancellor and glad to have made a new connection here in Portland.


Bob Dowd, '68

Facebook post from Bob

Greetings from Tampa Bay FL!! I am impressed with the growth of STM over the years. I have many fond memories from my time there, Best to all. Bob Dowd class of 68

Les Brown, '88 Passes

We lost a good man today. Les Browne was my roommate in Kennedy 32 years ago. Gone way too soon my friend! RIP -- Matt Finn, '88

Mike Ferrelli, '01

Mike was named Plant Manager at the Rochester Shoe Tree in New Hampshire.

Ahmed Amin, '08

Ahmen recently finished a six month internship in banquet and events at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He will receive his diploma from Les Roches University.

Jason Choi, ‘12

Following up on my time at STM.. If I learned anything during my tenure at Saint Thomas More, it's that no matter what you do, it's important to give it your all. Grades that you get in classes not only reflect your academic performance but also include an effort grade, and as long as you're willing to put in the effort, you will find success in many, if not all aspects in life. Also, another important thing to remember is that although grades do not seem important during high school or college, when you go into the working world, your paycheck is essentially a "grade" and you reap what you sow. Another important thing to remember is that although STM might open up new challenges, overcoming these challenges will help you create some of the memories that you will cherish most in life. So to all graduates this year, as well as incoming students, and current students, I hope that you have a great experience at STM as well as moving forward, and wish you guys all the best of luck.

P.S. It's never a bad idea to get on a teacher's good side, because if you show respect to your teachers, you will receive at the very least the same amount of respect, but usually more.

Prosper Jeanphillipe, ‘12

Hello STM! Just here to report that I finished my second semester with a GPA of 3.54

Devon Sutherland, ‘10

Hello St. Thomas More! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. To all of the students that are currently there, focus on your studies and make the best out of your time there.-

Scott Zakrewski, ’11

Hey STM,
I hope you are all well. I've been working on my music quite a bit recently. I have a couple of shows coming up in the next month or so. I've been in the studio a lot recently formulating my own sound and a new sub-genre of electronic dance music. Here is a preview of what to expect. Project Blackbird is a track that I've been working on for about a few months now. I'll be finishing it up soon with vocals and it will hopefully be released in August sometime. As always much love and keep CruzeControling! ~Scott

Kiernan Daly, '04 graduated from Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.  He received his Airman First Class Stripes on April 22, 2011 after eight and one-half weeks of intense training.  Kiernan is currently in Biloxi, MS attending classes in satellite communications for six months.  

Mike "Mule" Mulach '69, who attended STM for a Postgraduate year, dropped us a line from his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He noted "The lesson's learned in discipline and working with others to achieve a common goal has paid off for me in life and working for a major corporation. All the best to the teammates and PG class of '69." During his time at STM, Mike was a member of the football and golf teams.

Mike is a National Account Representative for the Xerox Corporation. He's been with Xerox for 32 years, with his major account being Office Depot. After graduating from T-More, he attended St. Thomas University in Miami and earned a degree in Business Management in 1973.

A Long Island native, Mike traded in the harsh winters of the Northeast for the tropical climate of Florida, where he can indulge in his passion for golf as much as possible!

ImageMasato Matsumura '88 was gracious in donating his time to an admissions fair in Tokyo, Japan. Masato met with STM Assistant Director of Admissions Gabe Rotman and Admissions representative Mami Ladd in Tokyo to help recruit future Chancellors.

Masato and his family live in Japan, where he is the president of a trading company. Masato and his wife have three children.

Dennis Faulk '69 of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania has embarked upon a post-retirement career as a businessman. He is the proprietor of an antique and collectible shop, a furniture store, a general store, and a fresh cut flower shop. All of the businesses are run on a 120-year old dairy farm encompassing 14 acres. He noted he would love to hear from old friends Fred Gunther '69, Jack Dunn '69, and John Pellucci '69.

Jeff DeRosia '03 has relocated to Louisiana, where he is working for IVC Technologies. Jeff is hoping to return to New England for December's Alumni Hockey Game, where he will play with former teammate and current Chancellor coach Alex Savioli '03

Marquis Jones '07 is one of many young alumni making headlines in their college athletic careers. Marquis, who plays basketball for Division I University of Rhode Island Rams, was featured on ESPN's Sportscenter . His game winning lay-up in overtime versus Dayton was highlighted as the Top 10 Play of the Day in February of 2009. Marquis attended STM for his senior and postgraduate years, playing PG Basketball for Coach Jere Quinn. Marquis and his good friend Victor Adesanya '06 both attend URI, where Vic plays football for the Rams.