Capital and Endowment Gifts

  • Successful schools stay competitive by continuously adapting to the needs of their students through modern facilities and the latest in technology. Such equipment and construction cannot be paid for out of the operating budget, therefore there is a need to raise capital gifts. Capital gifts are necessary to grow the endowment and for facility expansion, such as the addition of new classrooms, student lounges or a new gymnasium. These gifts are vital to St. Thomas More's evolution and modernization. Only through the contributions of loyal supporters can these projects reach fruition.


    St. Thomas More School established the Endowment and Development Foundation in 1999 to manage its endowment and protect the institution's cash assets. The Foundation is governed by a board of directors, many of whom are appointed by the St. Thomas More School Board of Trustees. The endowment is invested in a diverse portfolio managed by Morgan Stanley. A written policy guides investment strategy that is overseen by the board of directors through quarterly meetings with the managers from Morgan Stanley. Income derived from the Endowment and Development Foundation is utilized to support the mission of our school.

    An individual can establish an endowment with a donation that will produce an annual income to support a program. The donor may designate the endowment for a wide range of purposes that include scholarships, facility maintenance, technology programs, athletic teams or faculty chairs. Further, the donor has the option of naming the endowment.

    All individual endowments are invested with the general endowment fund and furnish an income of 5% of the value of the donation. Over the last three years endowment investments have had an 8.3% average of return, and income in excess of 5% is reinvested in the endowment to insure it keeps pace with inflation.