Community Service

  • St. Thomas More students are encouraged to volunteer on campus as well as in the surrounding towns as an opportunity to participate in helping shape our community. Students and faculty regularly participate in creating a positive culture by helping others. The school adopts local families during the Christmas season and raises funds for the families to pay for heating oil and groceries, volunteer as tutors, perform yard work for the elderly, participate in Special Olympic programs, and visit nursing homes.

    Each fall, all of our students and faculty take part in Community Service Day, improving the campus through raking leaves, planting shrubs and bulbs, clearing bLoading up.... rush and general maintenance. 

    Upperclassmen can apply to become Big Brothers and participate in that national program which matches our students with local school children. Similar to Big Brothers is the More's Men mentoring program in which upperclassmen work with the younger students on campus. Some students volunteer to help other students through the peer tutoring program, gaining self-confidence through sharing their time and skills.

    Our pride in ourselves and our environment is enriched by such productive activities, while we learn teamwork and the social skills to create and maintain a culture of collaboration.