Residential Life

  • The goal of the Residential Life Program at St. Thomas More School is to further the total mission of the school by facilitating intellectual, social and personal growth. This will be achieved through the utilization of structured student/faculty interaction and educational programs in the residential setting.

    Dorm Life

    The Residential Life Curriculum is taught in all dorms and promotes safety, tolerance, and respect for diverse human experience and expression. It provides an open forum in which students and faculty learn from one another as they discuss moral issues and dilemmas that may challenge them in their own lives and that of the STM community.

    In the past, the Residential Life Curriculum has focused on two themes: Healthy Communities and Healthy Minds. Presently, the Residential Life Curriculum will focus on the themes of "Respect for..." and "Commitment to...". These themes will be conveyed regularly through dorm floor meetings and advisor group sessions, and they will be re-enforced with special programs and speakers.

    Frequently, individual dorm floors will gather for special meals to solidify unity. End of the year cookouts and feasts are also a yearly tradition for each dorm floor.

    In addition to the Residential Life Curriculum, the school hosts numerous cultural activities throughout the year. Past events have included outside speakers, cultural music assemblies, Black History Month celebrations, to name a few. In 2007 - 2008, the school participated in a cultural retreat in conjunction with the Mashantucket-Pequot Tribe.

    The comprehensive Residential Life Curriculum is an ongoing effort by the school to expose students to a wide range of topics and create a positive atmosphere that fosters intellectual, social and personal growth.

    Meet our Residential Assistants.