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  • My first fish

    Posted by Student on 1/10/2018

    I grew up on the asphalt of New York City and although I was on an island I never dropped a line in the water and did not think much of it.  After my first week at STM, and on my way to breakfast I saw a solitary figure at the end of the dock fishing.  I headed out on the dock and found John from northern New Jersey, already dressed for the day in his dress shirt and tie baiting his hook with a worm he found in the vegtable garden alongside the dorm. He cast the hook out along the shore and within a minute had hooked a 6 inch Perch.  Expertly extracating the hook from the fish's mouth, he tossed it back in the lake. I asked if I could try and he quickly showed me how the reel worked and I awkwardly tossed the hook a couple of feet in front of me and in the opposite direction of where I aimed.  But the fish were apparently hungry that morning and I immediately felt a tug on the line and could see a swarm of 2-3 inch fish surrounding my hook.  John said to jerk the rod back when I felt a firm nibble and in a flash I landed a 3 inch Blue Gill that could barely fit the hook in his mouth.  We quickly tossed him back and headed to class.  I crossed fishing off my list that morning!

    Hope they are biting

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