Academic Support



    The Advisor Program

    Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor who serves as a contact for students to work with, talk to and confide in. Advisors are available to their advisees as needed, and meet formally every week to review progress and discuss challenges. Advisors will communicate frequently with parents and parents are always welcome to contact the advisors for updates on their son's progress.

    Nightly Study Hall

    All students are required to attend study hall for two hours per night, five nights a week, Sunday - Thursday. The faculty closely monitors study hall and provides assistance to students who may need extra support or guidance. This quiet time is designated for students to complete their daily homework assignments, study for tests and work on projects. Cell phones and other electronic devices are silenced during study hall to ensure that the entire two hours is devoted to school work.

    Extra Help

    Teachers are available in their classrooms every day after school. This dedicated time does not conflict with other activities. This is a great time for students to ask questions and review material with their teachers. If grades slip below a certain threshold, students will be required to attend extra help with their teachers.

    Afternoon Study Hall

    If a student's academic performance becomes a concern and extra help time was not used appropriately, students are assigned to afternoon study hall. This time is to be used to work on the specific subjects where the student is having difficulty. Proctored by faculty members, this study hall is held Monday through Thursday from 2:30 - 3:30pm.

    Academic Campus (AC)

    Proctored study halls are held on the weekends for students who need additional structured support to ensure their academic success.

    The Student Assistance Program

    The main focus of the SAP Program is on organization, study skills, note taking, test preparation and time management of the students' five academic classes. The Student Assistance Program's teachers are capable of tutoring every subject taught at St. Thomas More School. See the details on the program here or contact the Academic Office if you would like your son placed in the Student Assistance Program.

    The Transitional Seminar

    The Transitional Seminar is a curriculum based support system. Tutors reinforce lessons taught in the classroom which the student has struggled to understand or apply. It is designed to help the 8th grade student negotiate the myriad of young adolescent issues that will confront them. The ultimate goal is that students will make appropriate decisions regarding academics, socialization, ethics, physical and health education.

    Areas of focus include daily homework completion and preparation, study skills, organizational skills, reading comprehension, test taking strategies, writing skills, vocabulary enrichment, grammar skills, and math skills. Initially, the focus of the tutorial program is organization and completion of all daily work. Once progress has been made, the focus is shifted to learning strategies and techniques.