Philosophy of the Curriculum

  • A St. Thomas More education develops in students the necessary skills for future success as globally aware and confident young men in the twenty-first century.  The rich academic experience features an innovative, engaging, collaborative, technological, creative, and experiential curriculum supported by special care and attention in small class sizes. Our young men gain independence, self-discipline, and self-reliance from their academic success, while learning how to advocate for themselves by seeking personal assistance when needed.


    Credits and Course Requirements

    Our curriculum is developed with the understanding that all students who enroll at St. Thomas More School will attain college acceptance. In order to realize that expectation, a student must have a solid background in English literature and composition, Mathematics, and a broad exposure to History, foreign languages, Science, and the Arts. Our curriculum, designed around required courses desired by most colleges, enables our students to develop the skills necessary for matriculation to and success in college.

    St. Thomas More School will award a diploma upon the successful completion of at least 18 college preparatory credits. Most courses are one-credit courses. The student must earn:

    Four   (4)  credits in English

    Three (3)  credits in Mathematics  (Alg. I, Alg. II, Geometry or their equivalents)

    Two   (2)  credits Science with at least one laboratory science

    Two   (2)  credits in Foreign Language or additional English Language or Writing Courses


    Two   (2)  credits in Social Science

    Three   (3)  additional credits in English, Language, Math, Science, or History

    Plus two (2) credits in elective courses


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