Financial Assistance

  • Sunset on lakeThrough its financial assistance program, St. Thomas More School commits to serving qualified students unable to afford full tuition. The financial assistance program supports STM's commitment to enrolling an economically diverse student body by assisting families in financing STM educational expenses.

    STM uses the School and Student Services organization to assist families in understanding their ability to pay tuition. The application for admission to the school and the financial assistance award evaluation are separate decisions. Once applicants have been accepted for admission, those who have applied for financial assistance and completed the application are considered by the Financial Aid Committee. The financial aid decision is based on demonstrated need, as revealed by the School and Student Services Financial Aid application.

    Once a family's demonstrated need is determined, STM's Financial Aid Committee will determine if we are able to offer assistance. The figures provided by SSS are used as recommendations only and awards are subject to available financial aid resources. Although, we do not offer full tuition financial aid awards, STM has a strong record of meeting the demonstrated need of families, particularly those who qualify for aid with incomes between 125K and 200K.  

    All information related to a family’s application for financial assistance, including financial records and awards, are kept confidential by St. Thomas More School.

    Questions concerning financial aid?

    Please contact Roland Lemay, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at (860) 823-3861 or by email.

    Steps to Apply for Financial Assistance

    1. Complete the online application at School & Student Services by NAIS by logging on to: solutionsbySSS. Our PFS School code is 6984.

    The SSS organization does not begin processing forms until October for the next school year.  If you begin the process before you receive your W-2 or 1099 forms, you may estimate your earnings for the previous year. Once you submit your completed tax returns to SSS the Report of Parental Contribution will be recalculated.

    2. Submit proof of income and the previous year's tax return. After you submit the online application, upload your W2(s) and/or 1099(s) (proof of income) and your previous year's income tax return with all schedules directly to SSS using their "Manage Documents" function.  If you are applying for aid for the 2021-2022 school year you will upload your 2019 tax return.  

    When ready to upload these documents, simply log back into your SSS account and navigate to the "My Documents" page.  Be sure to get a pdf copy of your tax return for your records if you have a tax preparer prepare your returns.

    Financial aid decisions will not be considered final until a tax return (or explanation of its absence) has been received in the Admission Office. Failure to submit a tax form may jeopardize or delay any financial assistance awards.

    Once SSS has received your tax documents, it will evaluate your application and return an analysis of what your family can afford for a private school education. The recommendation is called a Report of Parental Contribution (RPC). This form will be accessible to the family, the Admission Office at STM, and any other institutions you have requested to have access to it. 

    3. STM's Financial Assistance Committee reviews application and lets you know the outcome. Financial assistance decisions and awards for accepted students will be made within two weeks of receipt of the completed SSS application. Incomplete applications may be considered, but the award will not become final until the appropriate information has been received in the Admission Office.

    Please be aware that requests for financial assistance will be considered on a case by case basis once a family's application is complete and with the understanding that financial assistance funds are limited.

    Additional Resources

    Financial assistance and Loan options

    Education loan options may be available to families through a number of vendors, including Sallie MaeYour Tuition Solution and many banks and credit unions. A variety of payment plans are managed through our Business Office and that can be an option for families.

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