• St. Thomas More School Sports Medicine Department


    The St. Thomas More School Sports Medicine team provides student athletes with the highest quality athletically focused health care available. 

    Mission Statement 

    The Sports Medicine Team delivers the best quality care to our student athletes by staying abreast of best and new practices, utilizing modern equipment, complying with all professional recommendations and guidelines, maintaining open communication with athletes, families, coaches and medical providers, and, by always keeping the best interest of the student athlete at the forefront.

    We will respond proactively to the needs of our students to ensure that they perform at their peak ability, return from injury when ready and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    We will provide these services by focusing on the following areas:

    • Injury prevention
    • Goal management
    • Care and rehabilitation of injuries incurred
    • Health and wellness education

     Emergency Action Plan

    If an emergency situation arises during an athletic event, proper action must be taken in order to provide the best possible care to an athlete's emergency and/or life threatening situation.

    The St. Thomas More Sports Medicine Team’s “Emergency Action Plan” is to make sure that our staff, equipment, and procedures and protocols are ready and prepared to ensure the best care is possible in an emergency situation.

    This preparation involves formulation of an emergency plan, proper coverage of events, maintenance of medical emergency equipment, and utilization of appropriate medical emergency personnel. Through careful pre-participation physical screenings, safe practice and training techniques, and other safety avenues, some potential emergencies may be averted. Proper preparation of the athletic trainer and athletic staff should enable each emergency situation to be managed appropriately.