• The Transitions Seminar

    The Transitions Seminar is a curriculum-based support system. Tutors reinforce lessons taught in the classroom which the student has struggled to understand or apply. It is designed to help the 8th grade student negotiate the myriad of young adolescent issues that will confront them. The ultimate goal is that students will make appropriate decisions regarding academics, socialization, ethics, physical and health education.

    Areas of focus include daily homework completion and preparation, study skills, organizational skills, reading comprehension, test taking strategies, writing skills, vocabulary enrichment, grammar skills, and math skills. Initially, the focus of the tutorial program is organization and completion of all daily work. Once progress has been made, the focus is shifted to learning strategies and techniques.   

    The College Advising Seminar

     The St. Thomas More School philosophy is to find each student a college or university where he will be academically challenged, personally enriched and socially involved. To that end, each Senior and Postgraduate student receives immediate and continuous counseling on college admissions. The placement office meets weekly with students and makes every effort to help each one get accepted into the school he is most qualified for and interested in attending. Students, parents and the counselor work together to consider all factors and find the best possible college for each student.

    At St. Thomas More, our veteran college guidance staff understands that the goal is to find the best fit for your son. Our team is here to help your son navigate the complex world of college admission while gaining further insight into his own aspirations and interests.

    St. Thomas More School has had close to a 100% college placement rate in the last several years, so our students are in good hands when it comes to the college selection process. The staff has over 30 years of college advising experience and is well-versed in placement, learning differences, NCAA requirements, international student issues, and other related areas.