History and Values

  • St. Thomas More School was founded in 1962 by James F. Hanrahan Sr. to assist the boy who has the ability to succeed but who has not yet shown his potential through academic achievement. The intellectual, moral, physical and social development of each student is the focus of the School’s educational design.

    It is the goal of St. Thomas More School to prepare young men for college. We believe that the proper supervision, encouragement and guidance from a dedicated faculty, provided in an environment that fosters self-discipline and responsibility, the student will develop the skills that are essential to a successful college career and a fulfilled life. The faculty work on an individual basis with students to develop strong study skills and to foster a desire to succeed. It is the School’s intention that its students will, by establishing a record of success, build confidence through achievement and embrace those fundamental Christian principles that enrich and dignify the human spirit.

     Our Founder