Mission and Philosophy

  • PathwaySt. Thomas More School is an accredited college preparatory boarding school in the Catholic tradition for young men who have demonstrated intellectual ability yet have not realized their potential. Within a structured environment, we strive to motivate, nurture, and strengthen the intellectual, moral, physical, and social development of every student.

    The objectives established to advance the St. Thomas More School Mission:

    • Maximize academic achievement through a challenging curriculum supported by individual attention within a caring environment.
    • Maintain a structured environment offering small classes, individual help, monitored evening study hall, and remedial programs when needed, to foster skill development, content mastery, and sound study habits.
    • Create a learning environment that encourages creative thinking, aesthetic expression, and intellectual curiosity.
    • Support interscholastic and intramural programs that promote physical and personal development.
    • Expect and foster appropriate social behavior in interactions among peers and with adults.
    • Value honesty, fairness, sportsmanship, and civility as outward signs of sound moral development.
    • Celebrate and promote our ethnic and cultural diversity.
    • Provide opportunities for students to build a positive self-concept through responsible decision-making and success through achievement.
    • Demonstrate concern for the greater community through participation in service programs.
    • Encourage faculty and administrative commitment to nurturing teacher-student relationships, personal guidance, and positive reinforcement.
    • Admit students of any religion, race, national, or ethnic origin in grades eight through postgraduate.
    • Provide an atmosphere that will make the school experience enjoyable for all students.
    • Engage parents, students, and alumni in the life of the school.