Welcome to St. Thomas More!

  • Matt Quinn

    Head of School Welcome

    Welcome to St. Thomas More School. We are uniquely committed to the growth and improvement of our community’s young men by empowering them in a safe and uplifting environment. 

    In 1962, James F. Hanrahan opened St. Thomas More to provide a close-knit, unique academic experience for boarding school students. The overarching objective was simple: each student would receive a multifaceted, heightened level of attention with zero contingency on past performance. Through developing a school that prioritizes inclusivity, he created a community that emphasizes individual effort, presents additional opportunity, and offers unwavering support – mentally, emotionally, academically, and athletically. Today, we continue to build on the pillars that our founder sculpted – moving forward with values so central to St. Thomas More’s identity – in order to further enrich young men around the world.

    At St. Thomas More, you will quickly learn an essential truth: the more you apply yourself, the more you can accomplish. With such small class sizes, you can count on individual attention and personalized relationships. Beyond the classroom, we provide additional academic support every day after school, so you can always satisfy any areas where you may be struggling. We offer an extensive list of clubs and activities – ranging from arts to all-things outdoors – with a ton of variety in between. Despite being known for our nationally-ranked basketball and football programs, many of our other sports have elevated towards a similar trajectory. The weekends provide a valuable chance to grow together through different dorm activities, outdoor sports and games, and a variety of off-campus trips. At St. Thomas More, we strive to embody a full and diverse experience in order to best prepare our students for the things that matter.

    Head of School Bio

    In March of 2018, Matthew Quinn was named the third Head of School in St. Thomas More’s history. Matt graduated from Bucknell University in 2004 with a BSBA in Accounting before earning his Master’s in Educational Administration and Human Development from The George Washington University. As the son of long-time basketball coach, Jere Quinn, Matt grew up on St. Thomas More’s campus – ultimately sparking his understanding and love for the school. Matt attended St. Thomas More himself, where he was a Dean’s List student and co-captain of the Chancellors during their 1999-2000 New England Championship season. After his playing career, Matt began working for PeacePlayers International, where he started in Northern Ireland and ended in the Middle East. Through PeacePlayers, Matt developed and directed several grassroots programs in divided societies, where he helped enable creativity, education, and unity through youth sports. In 2008, Matt came back to St. Thomas More to teach and coach. He transitioned to the Winchendon School in 2010, where he worked as a math teacher and Head Basketball Coach – before returning to St. Thomas More in 2012 and accepting a position as the Academic Dean. In 2016, Matt was promoted to Assistant Head of School – the position he held until becoming the Head of School in 2018. Matt currently lives on campus with his wife, Lindsey, and their two children – Bodhi and Sunny.